Parklands Virtual Classroom

There is so much to learn at The Parklands Outdoor Classroom, but we hope you continue your learning long after you leave the parks. That's why we created The Parklands Virtual Classroom! Here you can find videos, activities, games, and resources that keep you connected to The Parklands of Floyds Fork until you can come back for your next visit! 

Resources are organized by field trip topic and are available for teachers, students and families. Suggested grade levels for each activity correspond to Next Generation Science Standards; however, learners of all ages are encouraged to participate!  We will be adding more content, so check back often!

*No printer? No problem! Use the resources below as a guide and answer on your own paper.





Air and Weather

Investigate the climate and weather of The Parklands of Floyds Fork and the Temperate Deciduous Forest. Learn about our place on the globe and the reason behind seasonal change. 

Check out the video below to learn more about patterns in the sky! 


1st Grade Air Pressure Math Worksheet

1st Grade Temperature Math Worksheet

2nd Grade Temperature Math Worksheet

3rd Grade Rain Math Worksheet

4th Grade Rain Math Worksheet

5th Grade Rain Math Worksheet

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Animals and Their Environment

Explore animal structure and function, their adaptations and behaviors, and discover the importance of their interdependence with the environment in which they live. But, first, we need to know what things all animals need to survive. Watch the video below to find out!

Watch the video below and use this worksheet as your guide to learn more about birds of prey and animal adaptations. (Grades K-4)

Use the Diversity of Life Worksheet as your guide as you watch the video below to discover more about biodiversity in The Parklands. (Grades K-4)

Bald Eagle Reading Worksheet (Grades 3-5)

Nature Detective Activity (All Ages)

Neighborhood Nature Activity (All Ages)

Watch the video below to learn about decomposers and how you can find some in your own backyard!

Speaking of decomposers..check out the video below to learn more about the increible world of fungus! 

Ever wonder why animals and plants have different traits and characteristics? Watch the video below to learn more! (Grades 3 and up)

 To learn more about how a changing environment effects animals, check out the video below. 



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Earth Materials

Investigate different rock types and fossils, explore composition of materials, explore the rock cycle, and investigate Kentucky geologic history. 

Ever wonder how features on the earth like mountains and valleys changes shape? Watch the video below to learn more about how our land is shaped. (Grades 2 and up)  

Use the K-2nd Grade Earth Materials Worksheet as your guide while watching the video lesson.

1st Grade Erosion Math Worksheet

2nd Grade Erosion Math Worksheet

Use the 4th Grade Earth Materials Worksheet as your guide while watching the video lesson. 

4th Grade Erosion Math Worksheet

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Natural Engineers

Nature has produced some amazing engineers! A nest of ants can move a ton of soil a year building their tunnels. While a 10 lb. bald eagle can construct a platform nest in a tree as big as a bathtub. Come investigate Nature's industrious engineers!

5th Grade Beaver Reading Comprehension Worksheet

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Explore the plants of Kenctucky! Learn about plant life cycles, the structures of plants and forests, and why plants are essential to humans and wildlife!

Follow along with the video lesson using this Plants Worksheet. (Grades K-2)

1st Grade Oak Tree Math Worksheet

2nd Grade Math Oak Tree Worksheet

To learn more about the structure and fuction of plants, check out the video below! 

To learn more about how plants disperser their seeds, check out the video below! 


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Science of Sound

Explore your sense of sound to better understand the world around you. Use natural soundscapes near your home to study concepts of sound, such as wavelength, frequency and amplitude. Learn the importance of sound in predator/prey relationships and how it can help study biodiversity in an area.

Use the activities below to learn more about sound after watching the video lesson.

Why Do Animals Make Sounds? (All Ages)

How Does Sound Move? (Grades 1-4)

Nature Sound Scavenger Hunt (All Ages)

Learn How To Make Your Own Animal Sounds (All Ages)

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Sunshine and Shadows

Explore the formation of shadows and investigate interactions between the sun, moon and earth. Learn about the properties of light and the sun’s importance to the Floyd’s Fork ecosystem. 

Watch the video below to learn about our seasons. (All Ages)

Natural vs. Artificial Light Worksheet (Grades K-2)

Transparent, Translucent, or Opaque? (Grades K-2)

Make Your Own Sundial Activity (Grades K-2)

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World of Water

Water is essential to all life on earth.   Come investigate Floyds Fork- the creek that makes The Parklands unique!

Learn more about the Floyds Fork watershed by watching the video below. (Grades 3 and up)

Take a look below to learn how to make your own watershed at home!   

Watch the video lesson below and then dig deeper into the world of water using these water worksheets. (Grades 4-8)

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Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders are interactive programs designed to spark the curiosity of young children. Each week, we’ll explore a new science wonder with a story, craft, hike or related science experiment. (PreK, All Ages)









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Crafts with a Ranger

Nature and art go hand in hand. Feeling crafty? Check out the videos below to learn how you can make your own amazing nature craft with regular household items! (All Ages)

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Parklands Trailers

Are you ready to come explore The Parklands? Check out the "Trailer" videos below to find the right trail for your next adventure! (All Ages)

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Science Shorts

Ever wonder how plants get their energry? Or what that lobster looking things in Floyds Fork is? Check out these bite sized science lessons to learn more about The Parklands! 

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Experiential Learning Tools

Below is an outline of this six-step experiential education model that can be used to inspire learning of the most significance—forming a vital connection between content and world. (All Ages)

Experiential Learning Cycle

Tree-Hugger: Practicing Mean, Median, and Mode

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