“A project of this size could not be achieved without the help of many people and perhaps its most striking characteristic is the strength of its partnerships.” -Daniel H. Jones.

Great parks don’t just grow on trees, but perhaps great cities grow from them.

The Parklands are inspired by the belief that great parks can shape a city, grow along with a city and, ultimately, serve as the seedling from which a city’s best and most livable neighborhoods grow.

Future Fund is a land trust founded by former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry, M.D. Future Fund began acquiring land along Floyds Fork for preservation in the early 1990s. The land trust is now a strategic partner in this project and has been integral in helping to secure acreage for the project.

Metro Parks is Louisville Metro Government’s parks authority. The three Metro Parks properties (William F. Miles Lakes, John Floyd Fields, and the Tyler Schooling property - approximately 500 acres) are a part of The Parklands.

21st Century Parks will make investments in these properties as part of The Parklands master plan. Through an innovative agreement, these properties will be protected in perpetuity as public parkland and will be maintained by 21st Century Parks on a five-year renewable contract as part of The Parklands of Floyds Fork park operations.

It is important to understand that visitors to The Parklands will move seamlessly from one end of the park to the other regardless of whether the land is officially owned by 21st Century Parks, Metro Parks or Future Fund, and that 21st Century Parks is responsible for and committed to funding the maintenance and operations of the entire park at the highest quality for generations.

Our Donors

Capital Campaign

In order to realize our vision of creating Louisville’s newest park system, 21st Century Parks launched a Capital Campaign to enhance existing natural areas and build world-class amenities that Louisville’s residents can use and cherish for generations. The Capital Campaign was completed in February of 2013, raising $125 million. All funds raised through the Capital Campaign will be spent on land acquisition and construction by the fall of 2016.

Capital and Founding Donors

Annual Campaign

As a donor-supported public park, The Parklands of Floyds Fork relies on the generosity of the community to keep our park safe, clean, fun and beautiful for all. From safety patrols courtesy of your friendly team of Parklands’ rangers to the spotless bathrooms kept clean by our dedicated attendants, our parks offer a place where families and individuals reconnect with nature, lead healthier lifestyles and engage with their community.

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THANK YOU to all donors for making this dream a reality!

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