Sports Fields

Get competitive on one of our Parklands sports fields! Fun for all ages, we’ve provided space for kicking a soccer ball, tackling in a friendly football game, throwing a Frisbee, dribbling a field hockey ball, or facing off in lacrosse. So grab some friends and come play!

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Egg Lawn

The 22-acre Egg Lawn grows near Creekside Center in Beckley Creek Park. This egg-shaped event lawn is perfect for flying kites, playing ultimate Frisbee or kicking a soccer ball. It will also be the home to many outdoor festivals.

Cliffside Center

Cliffside Center is a community park similar in design to Creekside Center in Beckley Creek Park.

Sports Fields - Beckley Creek Park

Looking for some friendly competition? Throw a football or kick a soccer ball on the Egg Lawn, or set up lacrosse or field hockey along the Humana Grand Allee.

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John Floyd Fields

John Floyd Fields, formerly Floyd Fork Park, lies in the heart of Pope Lick Park off Taylorsville Rd. Here you'll find sports fields, a community building, and a Fitness Circle.

The Greensward

Encompassing a total of 15 acres, The Greensward offers the perfect area to set up a picnic, fly a kite or to play ball or catch.

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