Mountain Bikes Silo Center Bike Park

The Silo Center Bike Park in Turkey Run Park offers flow trails, a skills loop and pump tracks, all specially built by the talented professionals at the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

Each amenity is suited to a specific level of rider, offering beginners a smooth introduction on less difficult, natural-surface trails, as well as more challenging opportunities for experienced riders. Go at your own pace, testing and improving your abilities using the Toasted Swine Skills Loop and beginner pump track. Once you’re comfortable, hop over to our flow trails or the intermediate pump track. 

Bike park hours: 10AM-Sunset

Visit our Mountain Biking & Cycling page for more information on trails open year-round.

Trails and amenities within the bike park are for bikes only. Pedestrians and pets are not permitted on the trails, pump tracks, or skills loop. For the safety and enjoyment of all, riders should come prepared with the appropriate safety equipment, including a helmet, and follow all bike park rules. A full list of rules is posted at the main entrance of the bike park as well as on this page. Bike Park Rules

Trail Status

All trails and features are now open for the 2019 season! For the latest on trail conditions in the Silo Center Bike Park, visit

Trails & Amenities

Flow Trails

Often described as “roller-coaster rides,” flow trails offer riders rolling, natural-surface routes with features to test out a variety of skills. All flow trails are one-way. Riders can use Rider’s Return and the Louisville Loop trail to return to the main area of the bike park (Main Street).

  • Flying Pig – difficult flow trail  /  approx. 3 minute ride
    Hold on to your handlebars for this descent containing embankments, rollers, and tabletops. As skill improves, opt for additional features and line choices to experience a different and creative ride with each run. Keep right at the fork to stay on Flying Pig. Be aware of traffic merging from Piglet. Exit and return to Main Street via the Louisville Loop.
  • Piglet – difficult flow trail  /  approx. 5 minute ride 
    Looking for a change of pace and scenery? Hop on Flying Pig, but take a left at the fork to enjoy the least difficult of flow trails in the bike park. Piglet provides a progressive riding experience designed for the beginner rider. Keep your eyes peeled for a chicane and a wooden triple roller – or – as we like to call it, the Bacon Strip – extra crispy.Take a left at the fork to join Piglet. Yield to riders on Flying Pig. Exit and return to Main Street via the Louisville Loop.
  • Crazy Red’s – most-difficult flow trail  /  approx. 3-5 minute ride
    Featuring a 10-foot tall wall ride at the entrance, Crazy Red’s is our most-difficult trail. Use the momentum you gather from the wall to flow through the table tops, double rollers, rock features, and berms found throughout the trail. A more developed set of riding skills is essential when taking on Crazy Red’s. Yield to riders on The Trough. Use Rider’s Return to make your way back to Main Street.
  • The Trough – more-difficult flow trail  /  approx. 2-4 minute ride
    Those seeking a more-difficult downhill experience will love The Trough, a quick, rolling trip through the woods. The Trough treats riders to steeper, faster rollers. Be aware of traffic merging from Crazy Red’s. Use Rider’s Return to make your way back to Main Street.
  • Rider’s Return – Flow trails throughout the bike park are one-way. Use the Louisville Loop or the scenic, uphill Rider’s Return to make your way back to Silo Center.

Pump Tracks

Practice handling the rollers and berms you’ll experience along flow trails throughout the bike park.

  • Beginner Pump Track
  • Intermediate Pump Track

Skills Loop

Get the most out of every ride by practicing your techniques on the Toasted Swine Skills Loop.

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