Sky Dome

Sky Dome is named for the beautiful sky and meadow views on one of the highest hillsides in The Parklands. The view northward is spectacular, especially in the winter when the trees are bare. 

Sky Dome provides a 360-degree view of the Kentucky landscape, with a view to our own Brown-Forman Silo Center to the south and Seaton Valley to the north. This special hilltop location features a lower nutrient soil that supports a fragile and unique flora of plants. Several low meadow flowering plants and grasses have adapted to this open, exposed area.

As you climb to the summit, you’ll discover a secluded space featuring a stone seating area where you can rest, observe the wildlife and become immersed in the great landscape and sky above.

To access this area you'll want to park at the lot near Boulder Pond, a peaceful pond popular for fishing thanks to our partnership with Kentucky Fish & Wildlife, which allows for periodic stocking of trout. The pond is characterized by a large boulder on the pond’s edge-the perfect location for a picnic or photos. 

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