Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden

Located north of the Woodland Pavilion in Broad Run Park, this special habitat, featuring towering oaks and native plants and trees is being preserved as a woodland garden. 

A hillside blessed with the perfect angle of sunlight, ideal soils, and centuries of growth. The more we poked around, the more we fell in love with this place and decided to preserve it forever as a woodland garden. The 15 acres that make up the Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden reveal the dynamic nature of Kentucky’s living woodland landscape and provide an immersive opportunity for discovery. Visitors are encouraged to sense and enjoy the rhythms and textures of the garden and find the extraordinary in the ordinary, to explore the magical enticements of its edges, layers, aural qualities, luminous qualities, seasonal contrasts and views.

The core design philosophy emphasizes the art of observation and the idea that a woodland landscape can be perceived as a series of rooms defined by trees, shrubs and other living layers. Crafted by editing existing vegetation and adding complimentary plantings, the varied spaces of the garden present a dramatic balance of intimacy and immensity. The garden includes qualities and elements representative of artful, private gardens, yet are here made free for all to explore and enjoy.

Nearly a mile of stone pathways wind through the Woodland Garden, this includes excursion trails. The main trail is a 0.6-mile hike, one-way. All pathways in the garden are considered easy with a gradual incline, but there are steps and uneven surfaces throughout.

For the enjoyment and safety of visitors, the Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden is for hiking only—no bikes or dogs allowed.

A walk through the Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden - Michael Clevenger, The Courier-Journal

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