Picnic Highland Crossing

Whether you are driving along Broad Run Parkway, riding along the Louisville Loop, or walking on the Highland Crossing Trail, this elevated area over 70 feet above Floyds Fork Valley, is a great location to observe the surrounding topography. The large oaks and cedars dotting the meadows indicate the open pastures that were created along Floyds Fork for agricultural purposes.

While The Parklands does not have any cave systems, it does have Karst terrain. Karst is a geological formation caused by the dissolving of limestone or dolomite due to rain water. Signs of Karst being present include surface features such as sinkholes and creeks that sink underground only to reappear downstream.

As you travel south, toward Cliffside Center, see if you can spot any of these features in the Doline Scape or at Big Vista Overlook.

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