Special Places - Broad Run Park

Within The Parklands of Floyds Fork, many treasures of the landscape and our natural history lie hidden. Naturalists have chosen over 100 “special places” within the park boundaries that we don’t want you to miss. Next time you’re exploring The Parklands, be sure to stop by and take a look at the nuanced landscape. Within it lies a world waiting to be discovered that will not only introduce or expand your knowledge and appreciate for local natural history, but leave you in awe of the remarkable resources including flora, fauna, history and culture that we have in our area.

Big Vista Overlook: The highest point of Broad Run Park at approximately 650 feet above sea level, this overlook offers an amazing view of the valley below. From this spot, visitors can see all the way to the Brown-Forman Silo Center in Turkey Run Park. Those looking to reconnect with nature can discover clues in the landscape, observing where both man and nature have made their marks. This valley, once an ancient lake, is still very wet. The strip of land beneath the power lines would have been a forested swamp if settlers and farmers had not cleared the forest and drained the wetlands. Now it creates a perfect avenue for power lines, a necessary mark made by humans.

Doline Scape: Doline Scape is named for the closed depression (a.k.a. sinkhole or doline) that drains underground in a karst area like the one you encounter within the Highland Crossing portion of Broad Run Park. Look for these depressions in the plains that open up between the park’s forest and hills. 

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