Mountain Bikes Distillery Bend

In 1933, just after prohibition was repealed, a distillery was constructed in the area we now refer to as Distillery Bend. Charles and Theresa Grosscurth purchased it in 1948 and began making “Kentucky Supreme.” In 1968, a fire destroyed two warehouses, burning almost 5,000 barrels of whiskey. Flames shot 200 feet into the air, setting nearby fields and woods on fire. Witnesses claimed the river was on fire as the burning liquid poured into Floyds Fork. Nine fire departments were called to the scene to contain the blaze, but the cause of the blaze was never determined. After the fire the Grosscurths sold the distillery and production was moved to Bardstown. All that’s left are small remnants of the distillery dam on Floyds Fork where the water bubbles and churns at its edges.

We’ve honored the memory of the distillery by naming this section of Beckley Creek Park, “Distillery Bend” but you won’t find any bourbon being produced here now. Instead you'll marvel at the agricultural fields growing along the Loop and trails. The fields alternate between soy beans and corn each year, so there will always be something new to see. You'll also find the Flats Picnic Grove and Trail, providing access to a very special area of Floyds Fork where the smooth limestone bedrock allows for a great place to wade in the water and look for crayfish.

Continue on into Distillery Bend and you'll come across the Valley of the Giants Trail—a 0.63 miles, easy dirt trail for hiking and mountain biking along Floyds Fork. One entrance is located just after the Sara and W.L. Lyons Brown Bridge, leading you into the agricultural field. Continue along the trail to an area where it parallels Floyds Fork and you'll spy enormous Sycamore trees we refer to as the "giants" (for whom the trail is named). The trail empties out at the Distillery Bend Trailhead, a small parking lot and picnic area, just inside the Echo Trail/S. English Station Rd. entrance to Beckley Creek Park. 

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