Sports Sports Fields - Beckley Creek Park

Looking for some friendly competition? Throw a football or kick a soccer ball on the Egg Lawn, or set up lacrosse or field hockey along the Humana Grand Allee. Sports fields are designed for informal use and do not include painted lines or goal boxes.

  • The Egg Lawn is graded to house 2 sports fields. These are available on a drop-in basis.
  • There are 4 fields available along the east side of the Humana Grand Allee. These sports fields are for use for approved clubs and organizations.  Field time must be reserved in advance.  For information on field use, call 502-815-0277. 

Large Group Use

Large groups (any group or activity over 50 participants) wishing to use The Parklands for activities in unreserved areas must submit a group use permit application. This permit allows The Parklands to prepare for, and balance, the needs of large groups with those of drop-in individual, small group, and family visitors. This also will allow The Parklands to ensure that the carrying capacity of particular park amenities is not overwhelmed due to popularity. This permit does not apply for reservable amenities such as the PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Pavilion, Gheens Foundation Lodge, or other amenity in the current reservation system. Larger groups,
or requests for busy days may require the activity to be slotted into the existing special events policy and process.

Commercial Activity

Any organization using the park that charges a fee for participation in their activity by the participants must get an annually approved commercial use permit. This permit allows The Parklands to partner with groups in a controlled manner ensuring that commercial activity organizations assist in the support of the resources that they use within the park for business purposes. This policy does not distinguish between for-profit and non-profit commercial use.

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Permit applications will be reviewed individually and approved/denied based on the criteria on the individual application. Permit applications should be submitted no less than one week prior to the desired event date. Permits may not guarantee space availability. Groups failing to secure a permit may be asked to leave the park. Parklands staff stand ready to help groups through this new process, and believe it will make for a better park experience for event hosts, participants, and others enjoying our parks.
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