Hiking Trails - Beckley Creek Park

Beckley Creek Park’s trails have something for everyone. Navigate through the woods or along Floyds Fork -a different view is revealed around every corner!

   Coppiced Woods Trail: A 1.87 mile hike/bike trail through the Coppiced Woods near William F. Miles Lakes. A medium difficulty trail with connections to the Louisville Loop.

 Fishermans Trail: Mainly an angler’s access trail, this path can also be taken by curious visitors wanting to see the lakes from all angles.

 Egg Lawn Signature Trail: In the mood for a loop? Walkers are encouraged to circle our 22-acre Egg Lawn along this 0.7 mile paved path. There’s even a cut through that explores the trees of the Egg Lawn. A great spot for watching Egg Lawn activities or training for a walk or run. Bicycling is not permitted on this trail.

  Sycamore Trail: This half-mile, dirt and mown path gets you away from the road and out along Floyds Fork. Pass by an impressive, shaded gravel bar along the way. The Sycamore Trail is an easy hike/bike trail that stems off of the Louisville Loop near the Egg Lawn.

 Osage Orange Explorer Trail: This quarter of a mile, natural surface trail is a great introduction to unpaved trails! Signs posted throughout the trail guide families on a journey through Beckley Creek, Ancient History and the Storybook Forest. Identify aquatic creatures and animal tracks along the trail, and use your imagination to come up with your own tall tales! Located behind the Marshall Playground & Sprayground, this trail is perfect for families with pre-K children.

Osage Orange Explorer Activity Sheet

 Humana Grand Allee: A formal, half-mile walk along a crushed stone path reminiscent of a Country Lane to a Boardwalk over wetlands and on to the formal Festival Promenade. There’s lots  to experience in this area designed to be the “Best Walk in Louisville.”

 Black Willow Trail: 1.69 mile hiking trail made mostly of crushed stone and rated “easy.” It begins at the southern end of the Thornton Bridge and widely circles the Humana Grand Allee, passing by wooded areas, through meadows, and along Floyds Fork before meeting up with the Louisville Loop and circling back to the bridge.

 Flats Trail: A short trail through the riparian forest from the Flats Picnic Grove to Floyds Flats, a unique area of the Fork characterized by smooth, limestone bedrock. 

  Valley of the Giants Trail: 0.63 miles of hiking and biking through Distillery Bend near Floyds Fork. This trail is mostly flat and is rated “easy.” Begin the trail near the Sara and W.L. Lyons Brown Bridge and head toward the southern end of Beckley Creek Park where you can then hop on the Louisville Loopback toward the Grand Allee or up to Echo Trail and Trestle Point.

  Louisville Loop: Approximately 4 miles of the paved, multi-recreational Louisville Loop rus through Beckley Creek Park, beginning at the William F. Miles Trailhead and ending at the ascent to Echo Trail. Continue along the Loop through Trestle Point to take you to another 2 miles open in Pope Lick Park. 

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