Trees Down on Floyds Fork

1:34PM UPDATE: Previously reported downed trees have been cleared from the Creekside to Fisherville stretch of Floyds Fork. 

Floyds Fork is a wild stream. Please always be aware and prepared for downed trees when paddling the creek. 

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Multiple trees have been reported down on Floyds Fork following Sunday's storms. Three known trees are down and blocking portions of the creek between the Creekside Paddling Access in Beckley Creek Park (mile marker 36.1) and Fisherville Paddling Access in Pope Lick Park (mile marker 31.7)

If you are planning a paddling outing on Floyds Fork, please avoid the northern section of the water trail. Use Fisherville Paddling Access or another access point in our southern parks. Be aware and prepared for additional downed trees that might have fallen during severe weather.

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