The Parklands Chosen to Compete in 2016 Brackets for Good

The Parklands Chosen to Compete in 2016 Brackets for Good

The Parklands of Floyds Fork is thrilled to be a participant of the 2016 Louisville Brackets for Good Tournament. Created by a group of friends in Indianapolis as a way to promote charitable giving, Brackets for Good has helped raise millions of dollars to support non-profit organizations. Since their first campaign, the program has grown and is now hosted in multiple cities including our very own Louisville, KY.

The first round of the 2016 Brackets for Good Tournament begins at 8 p.m. EST on February 26. When round one begins, people can visit to donate, “scoring points” for their charity of choice. First round donations will be accepted through Thursday, March 3.

Just like the NCAA tournament, each organization is matched up against another charity. Each dollar donated to The Parklands through the Brackets for Good website equals one point for the round. At the end of each round, the organization with the most points advances to compete in the next round.

Follow the Game Plan below to make a donation and help The Parklands through the next five weeks of tourney play!

Step 1:

Visit to view the 64 teams competing for this year's title! Take a minute to create a log-in, which will create your very own Donor Locker Room where you can manage donations making scoring points for The Parklands each round even easier.

Step 2:

Back at the bracket home screen, or in the Matchup screen, click the plus sign beside The Parklands logo to add us to your cart.

The Parklands vs. Morton Center Matchup Screen

Step 3:

Click on the shopping cart in the upper right hand corner to launch the checkout process. There you can enter the amount you would like to give and enter your account and credit card information to complete your donation. We've listed a few suggested donations, but we are happy to accept all levels--jump shots, three-pointers and slam dunks included. 

Step 4:

Spread the word through social media. Share your love for The Parklands to help us win big! Use #BFGLville and #BFGParklands.

In addition to the donations made in each round, the winner of this six-round tournament will receive a $10,000 donation from Brackets for Good sponsors! All funds donated to The Parklands through Brackets for Good will directly support our Annual Fund, keeping The Parklands safe, clean, fun and beautiful for all!


We know we have the best fans in Louisville. Now is your chance to prove it! Make a donation today!

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