Stay off frozen ponds!

While some consider Kentucky to be part of the south, the past two weeks have been a chilly reminder that the commonwealth is very much located in a temperate climate, subject to the positives and negatives of all four seasons. Below freezing temperatures have been steady this winter, but Kentucky weather changes quickly. Just a few degrees can be the difference between a frozen surface and a flowing stream.

For this reason, we ask that park visitors refrain from stepping out onto Floyds Fork or the many ponds located throughout The Parklands.

Fed by underground springs, the old farm ponds sprinkled throughout Beckley Creek and Turkey Run Parks run deep. The safety of these ponds in freezing conditions is not guaranteed, so visitors should STAY OFF frozen ponds and creeks in case of melting or unstable ice.

There are still plenty of areas to explore and observe winter's wonders, just make sure you dress for the occassion! For tips on how to dress and prepare for cold weather courtesy of the National Weather Service, click here.

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