Silo Lookout Intermittently Closed

| Brown-Forman Silo Center

The Silo Lookout located at Brown-Forman Silo Center in Turkey Run Park will be closed the rest of the day, Tuesday, October 2, due to a swarm of paper wasps at the top of Silo Lookout. The swarming tends to occur during the warmest time of the day—approximately 3-4 p.m. Until the wasps disperse, park staff will re-open the Lookout in the mornings and close around 3 p.m. each day.  For your safety, please respect any closures and posted signs.

This interesting behavior occurred this time last year. Read more about this phenomena in these blog posts from current and former park staff.

The Silo Center has some new friends . . . by former Education Specialist Olivia Kaiser

Silo Lookout  Wasps - Take II by former Zone Gardener Chris Erickson

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