Roundstone Native Seed to Donate to The Parklands Meadow Restoration

Roundstone Native Seed to Donate to The Parklands Meadow Restoration

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Kentucky Seed Company to Support Local Donor-Supported Public Park:

Roundstone Native Seed to Donate to The Parklands of Floyds Fork Meadow Restoration

 with Every New Parklands Membership Sold


Louisville, Ky. (November 12, 2014)– 21st Century Parks is pleased to announce a new partnership with Roundstone Native Seed, LLC, an Upton, Kentucky company who serves as a bulk native seed supplier for The Parklands of Floyds Fork project.

The Parklands is a new, donor-supported public park system in Louisville that receives no tax dollars for annual support. As a result, 21st Century Parks, the nonprofit who operates The Parklands, must raise nearly 2 million each year to maintain two open parks, and two more under construction. As a tool to raise these funds, The Parklands has launched a membership program in which community members may offer their support annually for as little as $35. The Parklands is still in need of nearly 1,000 more members and $190,000 to reach its fundraising goals for 2014.

In an effort to help The Parklands reach 2014 fundraising goals, Roundstone Seed will donate one-half-pound of native seed to be planted in The Parklands of Floyds Fork for every new Parklands Member who signs-up to support The Parklands (up to 1,000 new members). This native seed mix includes native wildflower, grass, sedge, forb, and legume seeds and is used to restore natural areas within The Parklands to native meadows. These meadows provide habitat for many bird species, rabbits, and insects, such as butterflies. In addition, restored meadows in Beckley Creek and Pope Lick Parks have been a source of beauty for the over one million visitors who have visited The Parklands so far this year.

Roundstone will also supply native wildflower seed packets as a gift to each new member (up to 1,000 members this season) so that community members may bring a little piece of The Parklands home to their yard. These seeds may be used to create meadows and "rain gardens," even in urban areas, as well as create natural meadows that allow for resource savings thanks to a reduced need for mowing.

Click here to become a member and help restore native meadows in The Parklands. 

Scott Martin, Parks Director for The Parklands of Floyds Fork said, “We hope this is the beginning of a long-term partnership with a great local company who is focused on protecting and growing natural resources, as well as giving back to projects that are positively shaping the community.”

“When given the opportunity to donate to The Parklands, we did not hesitate,” said John Seymour, President of Roundstone Native Seed. “This provides us with the opportunity to be a partner, not only in creating a beautiful landscape to be enjoyed by everyone who visits the park, but also in creating one of the largest contiguous corridors of habitat for wildlife and pollinators that we are aware of anywhere in an urban setting.”

Seymour added, “This type of project is exactly why we got into this business—we want to be a part of recreating part of the environment that we have lost.”

This promotion begins November 15, 2014 with a goal of assisting The Parklands to their goal of 3,000 members in 2014. Members also receive free and discounted Parklands programming, deals with local retail partners, and special invitations to member appreciation events, including construction tours. To learn more about Parklands Membership, visit or call (502)584-0350.     


About The Parklands of Floyds Fork

The Parklands of Floyds Fork is a nearly 4,000-acre donor-supported public park system under development within the Floyds Fork watershed in eastern and southeastern Louisville. One of the largest and most ambitious metropolitan park projects in the nation, The Parklands is a dream realized by 21st Century Parks, a nonprofit organization established to create and preserve new unexcelled parks that serve as city-shaping infrastructure. The Parklands is now 35% open, currently operating and programming the first two of four parks in Eastern Jefferson County. The entire system is on schedule to be completed in 2015. 21st Century Parks is responsible for fundraising, land acquisition, construction, and long-term operations of the new park system. Community members may contribute to the annual fund by becoming a Parklands Member. Learn more at


About Roundstone Native Seed, LLC

Randy and John Seymour started to produce native seed 20 years ago to help The Nature Conservancy in their quest for ecotype seed to use on their preserves. From initial selection and hand collection of foundation seed and garden size production plots, Roundstone has grown to thousands of acres in seed production and to being one of the largest producers of native seed in the East. The initial concept of environmentally sensitive collection of foundation seed from remnant sites in Kentucky is now being done in a host of other states in an effort to develop ecotype seed for the future. To learn more visit




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