Portion of Louisville Loop Closed

3.8.16 UPDATE:

The Pedestrian Bridge and subsequent portion of the Louisville Loop in Pope Lick Park has re-opened to visitors. Learn more about the use of prescribed burns as a natural areas tool by following the link below.

Controlled Burning: How Fires Can Help, Not Harm, Our Land


The  Parklands Natural Areas Team is working with key community partners to carry out a prescribed burn this afternoon in the Prairie Preserve area of Pope Lick Park--the southern portion of the park. The burn is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. today, March 7, 2016.

Prior to the burn, the Louisville Loop will be closed beginning at the Pedestrian Bridge in Pope Lick Park, prohibiting visitors from entering Prairie Preserve. Throughout the duration of the burn, a Parklands Ranger will be stationed at the Pedestrian Bridge to inform visitors of the closure and redirect them to open areas. Permits were obtained from community partners including Eastwood Fire Department, Jeffersontown Fire Department, Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Jefferson County Air Pollution Control District. These organizations will also be present to provide assistance during the prescribed burn.

Fire ecology is a useful and beneficial tool for land management and stewardship. Prescribed burns are recognized as necessary and natural processes for prairie, savanna and grassland habitat restoration, vitality and health. The specific goal of the prescribed burn at the Prairie Preserve is to reduce pressure from noxious, invasive, and weedy plants in order to invigorate growth and diversity of native warm season grasses. This, in turn, will produce a healthy, robust habitat for native wildlife.

Check back here for information on when this area of the Louisville Loop will be re-opened.

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