Parklands Soft Trails Open Through Holidays

As a special holiday treat, The Parklands has re-opened all soft trails in Turkey Run Park. Through January 15, we are asking guests to use their judgement when hiking or biking along soft trails including Seaton Valley, Boone Bottoms, Paw Paw and Chinkapin.

Each of our open parks has a distinct personality that is amplified by the flora and fauna found in their natural spaces. Exploring our soft trails is one of the best ways Parklands visitors can experience all that these preserved areas have to offer.

In heavily shaded areas, hikers and bikers may encounter slick spots on our soft trails, especially those located in Turkey Run Forest. Remember, if there is mud on your heels or wheels please turn around! Staying off muddy trails helps prevent permanent damage, and your cooperation will help us keep our parks in world-class shape for years to come!

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