Park Maintenance Near Louisville Loop and Park Road Week of May 6

Visitors using the Louisville Loop the week of May 6 are advised to use caution in Pope Lick and Broad Run Parks as heavy machinery is in use for tree and garden work. No closures are expected, but the following locations will be impacted:

- May 6-10: The Louisville Loop in Broad Run Park between mile markers 55.8 and 56.3 (from Woodland Pavilion to Big Vista Overlook). Heavy machinery will be in use as we put the finishing touches on the Woodland Garden.

- May 6: The Louisville Loop in Pope Lick Park between mile markers 68.8 and 70.0 (Trestle Point near Taylorsville Road). Arborists will be conducting tree work.

- May 6-8: Turkey Run Parkway in Turkey Run Park near Ben Stout House. Road will be taken to one lane while arborists conduct tree work. UPDATED (Dates extended)

Park Map with Louisville Loop Mile Markers

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