Toddler river replica at Broad Run Sprayground Closed


8.6.17 UPDATE: The toddler river replica at Cliffside Sprayground in Broad Run Park has re-opened to visitors.


8.4.17 UPDATE: Repairs on the toddler river replica at the Cliffside Sprayground in Broad Run Park have been extended into next week. We hope to have the feature repaired by Friday, August 11. In the meantime, families can still enjoy the rest of the sprayground, playground and nearby trails.

Thank you for your patience! Please check back here for updates.


The toddler river replica water feature at the Broad Run Sprayground is closed temporarily for repairs. Repairs are expected to be completed late next week. In the meantime, the river replica area will be closed and the water shut off, but the remaining water features at the Cliffside Sprayground will be turned on and remain open as usual. 

We'll be sure to update you when the repairs are complete. Thank you for your patience.

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