Icy Conditions in Parklands

Icy Conditions in Parklands

UPDATE 1.11.16 - Visitors are advised to use caution when visiting The Parklands as areas remain slick due to freezing temperatures. Staff will continue to salt roads, parking lots and some paved paths as they become safely accessible. 


1.10.16 - Parklands staff are working to salt the road, parking lots, and some paths, making them accessible to visitors.

All paddling accesses are closed. Other areas of the parks may be closed while staff continues to work throughout the day.

Snow days can be a beautiful time to visit The Parklands, but please be careful, and keep in mind certain areas may be closed. Watch for ice and slick areas, and NEVER walk on frozen creeks or lakes. 

If you come to the park to enjoy sledding and outdoor winter recreation, please do not harm plantings, trees, and shrubs that lie under the blanket of snow. snow machines and off-roading are not permitted in the park.

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