Flooding Closes Some Parts of the Loop and Causes Muddy Trails

12/29/15 12:00 PM

Soft surface trails in Turkey Run Park are open through January 15. This includes Seaton Valley, Boone Bottoms, Paw Paw and Chinkapin Trails. Soft surface trails throughout The Parklands are slick in some areas. Please respect all posted signage and refrain from hiking or biking on trails that are exceptionally muddy.


12/29/15 10:00 AM

The Parklands has re-opened park roadways, canoe launches and paved paths, including the Louisville Loop, following this past week's flood events. 

Soft surface trails in Turkey Run Park will remain closed due to muddy conditions. This closure includes Seaton Valley, Boone Bottoms, Paw Paw and Chinkapin Trails.

Soft surface trails in Beckley Creek and Pope Lick Parks are open, but are slick in some areas. Remember, if there is mud on your heels or wheels please turn around! Staying off muddy trails helps prevent permanent damage, and your cooperation will help us keep our parks in world-class shape for years to come!

Parklands staff will continue to clear debris at paddling access locations as water recedes. Please visit www.theparklands.org for the latest updates.


12/24/15 8:00 AM

The Louisville Loop is presently closed due to flooding near the North Beckley Paddling Access, the Sara and W.L. Lyons Brown bridge in the Humana Grand Allee, and under Taylorsville rd in Pope Lick Park.  

Soft surface trails are muddy - particularly Black Willow, Sycamore, Seaton Valley, Boone Bottoms, and Valley of the Giants- please avoid muddy trails to prevent trail damage. Paddlers should stay off the Fork while the CFS is over 2,000.

Other areas may go in and out of flooding as Floyds Fork reacts to the heavy rain. Thank you for your patience and be safe and smart when using the parks!

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