Flood Cleanup Underway

2:00 PM April 4 Update

The parks are open and much of the mud and debris has been cleared. There are still some slick spots along the Louisville Loop (especially the underpass under Taylorsville Rd) but it is fully passable. 

The Barklands dog park is back open and the PNC Achievement Center is back to normal operating hours. 

All paddling accesses have been re-opened.

Soft trails remain muddy - please prevent trail damage by staying on paved trails until they dry out. 

Crews will continue to work this weekend and week to clear debris and repair damage. Please continue to exercise caution and patience. We're happy to be back open for public use. Thanks!


8:00 AM April 4 Update

The parks are open and cleanup is underway. 

Be aware and alert in the park for debris left behind and for our crews working. 

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