ALERT: Turkey Run Park Trails Closed


The Seaton Valley and Boone Bottoms Trails in Turkey Run Park are now open to visitors. Paw Paw and Chinkapin Trails remain closed due to muddy conditions. 

Thank you for respecting the posted trail closure signs. Your cooperation will help prevent permanent damage to these young trails.


The Seaton Valley Trail in Turkey Run Park is now open to visitors. All other Turkey Run Park soft trails remain closed due to muddy conditions. This includes Boone Bottoms, Chinkapin and Paw Paw trails. Turkey Run Park Trails

Staying off trails while they are wet helps prevent widening and permanent damage. We hope you'll use this opportunity to explore our paved trails or soft trails in Pope Lick Park and Beckley Creek Park. Thank you for your cooperation and patience!


Due to muddy conditions, soft trails in Turkey Run Park are temporarily closed to visitors. This closure includes Paw Paw, Chinkapin, Boone Bottoms, and Seaton Valley Trails. Paved trails, including the Louisville Loop, as well as Bullfrog Crossing and Sky Meadow trails near Boulder Pond, will remain open for visitors to enjoy. Turkey Run Park Trails

If you plan to visit The Parklands this week, please respect all posted closure signs, and use your judgement when embarking on a hike or ride along open soft trails in Beckley Creek and Pope Lick Parks. Your cooperation will help us keep our parks in world-class shape for years to come!

We will post updates here to inform visitors when soft trails and closed areas have re-opened. Thank you for your patience. 

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