3/5 Snow Conditions

11:30 AM Update

As of 11:30 am this morning, the Egg Lawn Signature Trail has been cleared, as well as the parking lot at Creekside Center. The park road under I-64 is still closed, and so visitors will need to enter the park from S. Beckley Station Rd or Echo Trail. These roads are still slick and snowy so please use caution. 

The I-64 underpass will likley remained closed for some time as the flood waters froze over the road.

TONIGHT at sundown we will close the park road in Beckley Creek Park from MSD to Echo Trail in anticipation of freezing. The road will re-open in the morning. 


3/5/15 Report on Snow Conditions

We woke up to over a foot of snow in The Parklands today!

Snow removal is underway. The Parklands team has been at it since the wee hours this morning. We are working first on the park roads and parking lots.  Next, we will clear off sidewalks and access areas around trailheads, PNC Achievement Center, and the Gheens Foundation Lodge.  The PNC Center is closed today but plans to open tomorrow and offer an afternoon snow hike.

After this is complete, crews will pivot to clearing the Signature Loop trail around the Egg Lawn. Following this, the Louisville Loop in Beckley Creek Park will be addressed.  

Due to the very heavy snow, this will take time, but we'll let you know when amenities are cleared of snow.

City roads are still very snow-covered, so please be careful and use good judgement when venturing out today.


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