10/18/16 Trout Stocking at The Parklands

10/18/16 Trout Stocking at The Parklands

On Tuesday, October 18, the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife will visit The Parklands for fall trout stocking.

In Beckley Creek Park, Angler Lake will be stocked with 1,500 rainbow trout and Green Heron Lake with 500 trout. Floyds Fork will be stocked with 1,200 trout split between three locations - North Beckley Paddling Access, I-64 underpass near the Egg Lawn and Creekside Paddling Access. Trout stocking in Beckley Creek Park is through Fish & Wildlife's "Fishing in Neighborhoods" (FINs) program.

Boulder Pond in Turkey Run Park will also be stocked with 400 trout.

A fishing license is required (for anglers over the age of 12) and can be obtained at local sporting goods stores and at http://fw.ky.gov. A trout permit is required for trout fishermen. 

More information may be found by clicking the below links:



Please help us keep our park clean! Don't leave trash behind for the next person to find. 

We hope to see you out fishing in The Parklands soon.

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