The Great Parklands Scavenger Hunt- Broad Run Park

| The Parklands

From top to bottom, The Parklands of Floyds Fork is full of beautiful views, hidden treasures, and interesting history. Over the last few weeks, this scavenger hunt has taken you to all ends of the park to explore old sites and find new ones. Enjoy the clues for our final park- Broad Run!

How to Play

1. Click here to access Scavenger Hunt Clues for Broad Run Park. Missed clues for our other parks? Go back to our blog page to find clues for Beckley Creek, Pope Lick, and Turkey Run Parks!

2. Gather your supplies (see below for helpful supplies).

3. Start answering clues.

4. Once you know the answer, go to the spot mentioned in the clue and look for the special scavenger hunt icon:


5. While hunting, post a picture to social media with the tag: #ParklandsScavengerHunt

6. Do as many or as few clues as you want! Have Fun!

Helpful Supplies

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