Fierce Four Recap

| Elizabeth Willenbrink

Well, the fans have spoken and the final contenders for the Parklands Madness Championship have been named! After two blow-out competitions, the Monarch Butterfly and the Red-Tailed Hawk claimed victories and are headed to the final round. Here are how the semi-final matchups went down:

Orb-Weaver Spider vs. Monarch Butterfly -  In what feels like a historic run for both of these contenders, the Orb-Weaver fell to the Monarch Butterfly. While the Orb-Weaver’s quick reflexes and impeccable web-building skills were formidable, the smarts and flying skill of the Monarch allowed an easy escape and victory by the butterfly.

Beaver vs. Red-Tailed Hawk – This battle of sky and water tipped in favor of the fierce flying hawk. The Beaver may have a scary-sounding paddle tail and powerful chompers, but they were no match for the attuned senses and skilled flight of the Red-Tailed Hawk.

While the Beaver and Orb-Weaver may not be advancing to the next round, they still represent the best of the best in their respective regions. So let’s give a cheer for our arthropod and aquatic champions! And don’t forget to tune in to the Parklands Madness Facebook event this week to cast your vote for the ultimate Parklands Madness Champion. Which Fierce Flyer will claim victory: the Monarch Butterfly or the Red-Tailed Hawk?

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