Kid Friendly Hikes

Kid Friendly Hikes

Kiddos getting tired of being cooped up inside all day? Jump in the car and head out to The Parklands for a hike on these kid-friendly trails!

1. Boone Bottoms: Tucked away in Turkey Run Park, this trail is much less traveled than others. Boone Bottoms’ flat trail weaves through soaring Sycamore trees and native prairie, following Turkey Run Creek to where it joins with Floyds Fork creek. Stop by the gravel bar to observe a great collection of freshwater mussel shells and pre-historic brachiopod fossils. Just remember to leave what you find that way others can enjoy these treasures too!

Park: Turkey Run Park (at the Ben Stout House)

Length: 1.2 Miles

Where to Park: Ben Stout House

Recommended Ages: 4 – 12 (this trail can be used with strollers for younger kids)

Creek Access: Yes


2. Riparian Ramble: Another path that is less travelled, this adventurous trail departs from the Louisville Loop in Broad Run Park. With a bit more rugged terrain, this trail follows Floyds Fork creek and is great for a young explorer! Your family can stop and explore at the large gravel bar or continue walking for more sightseeing. To access this trail, hop on the Louisville Loop near the Woodland Pavilion and look for a right turn-off into the prairie, towards the creek.

Park: Broad Run Park

Length: choose your own, up to 1.2 miles

Where to Park: Cliffside Center

Recommended Ages: 6+

Creek Access: Yes


3. Seaton Valley trail: The entrance to this easy-level dirt path is just past the Seaton Valley Trailhead in Turkey Run Park. Follow the trail as it winds alongside Floyds Fork. Keep an eye out for signs of wildlife. You can double back to return to the trailhead, or circle around using the Louisville Loop trail.

Park: Turkey Run Park

Length: 1.0 mile one-way

Where to Park: Seaton Valley Trailhead

Recommended Ages: 4-12  (this trail can be used with strollers for younger kids)

Creek Access: No, but great views of Floyds Fork


Happy Hiking! And remember, if you pass other hikers on the trail, keep a safe distance of a least 6 feet!



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