Lucky Barred Owl Sighting

Recently, one of our regular park visitors happened to catch a glimpse of a Barred Owl during the day. While this shy creature is normally nocturnal, sometimes you get lucky running into them during the day. It’s kind of like a midnight snack run either for themselves or for their baby owlets. Barred owls like to live in mature forest, often near waterways, so they can nest in large tree holes and eat the plentiful crayfish, fish and small rodents. This owl was spotted along the Louisville Loop around the southern end of Beckley Creek Park. If you come out hiking looking for owls, you’ll have to look extra closely at all the tree tops as their camouflage is so good they are invisible at first glance!

About the Author

Picture of Erin Kinnetz

Erin Kinnetz

Erin Kinnetz joined The Parklands as a Summer Science Camp Counselor in the summer of 2017. As the camp season ended, she transitioned to the role of Interpretive Ranger, supporting Outdoor Classroom programs. In February 2018, Erin was promoted to Education Specialist. In this position she is the main teacher for Wednesday Wonders, in-school outreach and field trips. She is also in charge of developing curricula for these programs and making sure they meet current Kentucky science standards, while also encouraging stewardship of natural places. Erin received her undergraduate degree in Scientific Illustration and furthered her education by pursuing a Masters of Science in Biology with a special emphasis on Ecology. Before joining The Parklands, Erin spent a number of years in community mental health care on a crisis stabilization unit, helping kids work through difficult times. She has loved working with children ever since. In her free time, she teaches yoga and experiments with arts and materials.

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