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When we hear the term “snow day”, we envision children building snowmen, snow angels, and forts in celebration of a day free from school. Once that first snowflake falls, children anxiously watch for their school name to scroll across the bottom of the TV screen.

While folks await that exciting (occasionally dreaded) announcement, our maintenance team awaits the signal to begin snow removal. Once snowfall has ended and conditions are safe, staff begin clearing park roadways, trailhead parking lots, and the Louisville Loop, giving those excited families and dedicated marathon trainees access to a Winter Wonderland at The Parklands.

Our operations team is comprised of two dedicated crews—the north and the south. But you’ll find no battle for the Iron Throne taking place here. We work together to overcome Old Man Winter, making the park accessible to the kids itching to get outside. Once conditions are deemed safe for travel, the northern team begins plowing and shoveling in Beckley Creek Park, working their way south to clear roads, parking lots and paved trails in Pope Lick Park and the northern portion of The Strand. The southern team begins in Broad Run Park, working their way north into Turkey Run Park and the southern portion of The Strand. Using the following tools and special care, our team goes to work.

Our goal is to have Beckley Creek and Broad Run parks cleared and open to visitors three hours after snowfall ends and the sun rises. But, like a snowflake, no two snow storms are alike. Sometimes, the snow is melting before we begin removal. Other times, the depth of powdery snow, or inches of ice, call for more time and equipment.

In the event of a snow or ice event, we encourage visitors to keep an eye on the Parklands website ( for the latest alerts and updates. Follow guidance provided by the city and state concerning travel throughout the area.

Just make it part of your “Snow Day” routine.

Access to the park is free year-round, during all four seasons, but The Parklands relies on gifts from individuals like you to cover annual maintenance costs, including the cost of snow removal equipment. If you enjoy the parks, and would like to learn more about how to help keep them free and open to all, please visit

See you out in The Parklands!

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