Staff Spotlight - David Miller

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Staff Spotlight - David Miller

Name:  David Miller

Title:     Park Ranger

Team:   Park Rangers

1. What is your role at The Parklands?

As a member of the Ranger Team, my primary responsibility is the safety of everyone in the park.  That includes all of our visitors, employees, pets, and wildlife.  The Rangers are here to assist park visitors by answering questions and educating them about the park's resources and important safety rules.

2. How does your team keep The Parklands:

3. What are you most proud of in your work? 

Assisting our visitors by providing the information they need to have a safe and fun experience in The Parklands.

4. What inspires you to come to work every day?   

Being outdoors and making a difference in our park visitor's experience.

5. Which trail would you recommend to visitors and why?  

The Wild Hyacinth Trail in Turkey Run Park.  It is a quiet walk in the forest along Turkey Run Creek with several creek crossings, and there is an incredible carpet of wildflowers in the early Spring.

6. What “hidden gem” would you recommend to visitors and why? 

There are many hidden gems in The Parklands, but the Palisades of Floyds Fork is one of my favorites.  It is a massive wall along the south side of the river, 1.3 miles north of Turkey Run Park in The Strand section of the park.  It is an unexpected sight, as it stands in stark contrast to the flat topography on the Louisville Loop side of the river, and there is easy access from the Louisville Loop to the rocky beach below the Palisades. 

7. In your opinion, what makes The Parklands worthy of support?

Anyone who has visited The Parklands knows this is a special place, but many do not know that a significant portion of the Parklands' operating budget comes from park memberships.   By becoming park members, we are all helping to ensure the Parklands will have the resources to maintain the parks to the high standard that everyone enjoys today.

8. How would you say “Thank You” to someone who donates to The Parklands, or who is thinking about donating? 

I would simply say, "thank you" for partnering with The Parklands to ensure that this great park system has a bright future!

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