Our Gift to You: 4,000 Acres of Fun!

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Our Gift to You: 4,000 Acres of Fun!

One of my earliest memories of Christmas is getting my first bike. It was a colossal, bright-yellow Huffy. Easily three sizes too large for my small frame, its 50 pounds were way too heavy for my meager muscles to master. My sharpest memory is taking the bike out for its first ride on a surprisingly warmish Christmas afternoon in Virginia. I can still feel the apprehension and nervousness as I mounted the yellow beast and then promptly ran into an oak. I think it was a pin oak or a live oak – not really sure that my tree ID skills were sharp at the time.

I shared this story to share another story. One of my favorite days of the year in The Parklands is the day after Christmas IF it is a nice day. This is a fun day to come out and see everyone enjoying all of Santa’s gifts. If you come out to the park, and it’s warm, you’ll likely see folks fishing along the Fork, innumerable bikers in their shiny new helmets, and the countless footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, lax sticks and other sports gear being deployed on the Greensward and the Egg Lawn

This is a fun day to remember that the best gifts are those that get to be used all year long. And the best gift of the year to Louisville is a completed Parklands. You now have the nation’s newest, largest, and fully funded urban park system in your backyard. This park’s assets are poised to transform how much Louisville recreates and can elevate our city into one of the nation’s premier outdoor communities.

I hope to see you out in the park in and around the holidays as we watch our city come alive with outdoor activity!

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