This Year I Resolve to Make No Resolutions

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This Year I Resolve to Make No Resolutions

By Mae Pike
Co-owner, Home Cuisine

This year I resolve to make no resolutions. There. I said it. This year I will not tell myself that I will have a 6-pack by the end of February, I will not resolve to NEVER, EVER eat a carb again and I will not beat myself up over blowing these unreasonable expectations by mid-January.

After all the years of talking to our clients at Home Cuisine, discussing what actually helps people lose weight, gain energy, or just keep a healthy focus, I have realized that setting reasonable goals and allowing the time needed to adopt the new lifestyle, really allows people to stick with their program and ultimately see results!

So, in 2017, I am going to watch the carbs, eat as much seafood as I can get my hands on, pack my plates with tons of lovely green veggies and end every meal with fresh fruit. I will not, however, lay awake at night worried about the two Hershey's Kisses that I scarfed down in the waiting room at my Insurance Agent's office.

When our clients at Home Cuisine order a 7-day per week meal plan, they tend to feel great about seeing immediate results. This is a wonderful thing! I have also enjoyed updates from these clients who drop down to a 5-day meal plan, allowing them the luxury of maintaining a healthy week, and balancing their social lives with the weekend 'free'. So in this New Year, there are a few things that we can all do allowing us the opportunity to stay on a healthy path with a little 'wiggle room':

Also, let's not forget to get a little exercise. So many of us sign up for a 5 am boot camp or a personal training session with a drill sergeant. This is not the answer for everyone. (***Mae sheepishly raises her hand.) 

There are some super fun ways to get your body moving, and before you know it, you are buttoning those old jeans again! (You know, the pair that you must have left in the dryer too long.)

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