From Brown to Blooms: Meadow Installation in Our Southern Parks

Don’t freak out on us!  We know many folks are wondering why the beautiful meadows in Broad Run and Turkey Run Parks are brown. Well, it’s because we killed them. But don’t worry, we have a plan.

We first conducted a thorough kill to these areas as the invasive plants had reached the point where treating them individually would not be practical nor successful. As part of our Urban Conservation Initiative work, this kill is setting the stage for a rebirth that is certain to surprise people next summer.

Over 8 varieties of warm season grasses and 24 flowering native perennials are being installed in these meadows as we speak. Some of the species being planted, include:


Canada Wild Rye


Swamp Milkweed

Butterfly Weed


Blackeyed Susan


N.E. Aster


Ohio Spiderwort


You will most noticeably appreciate these meadows next spring and summer when they first bloom. Benefits to wildlife will be tremendous as we expect the patterns we’ve seen in the northern park meadows to repeat themselves in the south. From butterflies and finches, to bobwhite quail and small mammals, these meadows are home to a wide variety of wildlife that need specialized warm season grass areas for their survival. Unfortunately, most of these meadows have been carved up since settlement, which makes it all the more critical for The Parklands to continue its work to establish and maintain these biodiversity hotspots.

This meadow installation is made possible thanks to The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust

In addition to the work in Seaton Valley and the Grand Allee, our Natural Areas team uses herbicides throughout The Parklands to help manage invasive species. Each member of our Natural Areas team is a licensed applicator and is trained to take necessary precautions to reduce drift. Using the herbicides minimally and in targeted areas helps us improve habitat throughout The Parklands, while also keeping visitors and wildlife safe.


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