Paddling Tips for Winter & Early Spring

Paddling Tips for Winter & Early Spring

With warmer weather and longer days, the most adventurous explorers around Louisville look to get back on the water. Floyds Fork is particularly alluring this time of year due to the frequency of times in the spring when water levels are high enough to make for fun paddling adventures. When you couple these great water levels with sudden 60+ degree days, it can feel like spring. But the water temps take much longer to moderate. This means that although you feel warm on the surface, any encounter with water brings the risk of hypothermia. It’s still very much winter on the Fork.

This doesn’t mean you should stay away from paddling. It simply means you need to be prepared. The tips below can help you enjoy these late winter days when Floyds Fork is a great way to get away from the big city.

By taking these simple steps, and practicing extra care when on the river for obstructions and debris, you can have a great early season paddling trip on the Fork. And who knows, you may be lucky enough to catch a trout or spot a bald eagle!

Note: Trout in Floyds Fork are under a seasonal catch and release regulation from October 1 - March 31. Stocking & Regulations

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