New Park Policies on Commercial and Group Use

As The Parklands continues to evolve from an idea to a very popular park, it is natural that new practices and guidelines will be established to ensure continued high quality care of the park’s resources. There are two new policies now in effect that will impact park users.

Commercial Use Policy

Any businesses or organization that wish to host an event or activity in the park must have an approved commercial use permit. The permit ensures that the organizations wishing to use the park help contribute to the park’s maintenance, for which we do not receive tax dollars. This permit is found on our "host an event" page of the web site.

Commercial use is defined as any business or organization that charges a fee for services being provided within the parks or utilizing them as resources.  NOTE: If the group wishes to use a reservable venue for their activities, a commercial use permit is not needed as they alternatively go through the facility reservation process. Email our Facilities and Events Sales Manager or call (502) 584-0350 for details on renting a park facility.

Group Use

As use of the park increases, we’re seeing larger and larger groups making use of the park – and we love it.  But, we need to be aware and manage these groups so that park amenities are not overwhelmed with group use or large events double-booked on top of one another. Any group with over 50 participants using a non-reserved amenity must have a permit in hand prior to the activity. The permit does not reserve a park asset for private use, but does allow the group to make use of non-reservable amenities like the Egg Lawn. Groups wishing to reserve a facility should contact Sam Stewart at

The permit application may be filled out online by clicking here.

All applications are subject to approval by the Parks Director and are required in advance of any event fitting within these two categories. An approved park permit will be needed on-site during the event and Parklands staff may require the permit-holder to produce the permit for review.

As this is a new procedure, we are open to your feedback regarding this process. If you have questions about these new policies, or whether they pertain to you, just email the Parks Director or fill out an initial form and we will walk you through the process. These policies go into effect on October 10, 2014.

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