Partners in Parks: Louisville Metro and 21st Century Parks

“A project of this size could not be achieved without the help of many people and perhaps its most striking characteristic is the strength of its partnerships.” -Daniel H. Jones.

The Parklands are inspired by the belief that great parks can shape a city, grow along with a city and, ultimately, serve as the seedling from which a city’s best and most livable neighborhoods grow.

Simply stated, The Parklands of Floyds Fork would not have happened without our partnership with Louisville Metro. The city owns about 600 acres of the nearly 4,000 acres in our project and has allowed the team at 21st Century Parks to construct and operate that land so that The Parklands can become a reality of seamless parkland within the new system. The Marshall Playground and Sprayground at Creekside Center, was constructed via an allocation from the city for $1.5 million, and that playground has become one of the most popular features in Beckley Creek Park and was even named "best playground in Louisville" by LEO Weekly readers in 2012, it's first full year of operation.

As I've mentioned before, we don’t receive tax dollars from the city to operate The Parklands, but we do rely on their experience gained from running a 15,000 acre parks system in Louisville, much of which was originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The Mayor’s office also serves as a liaison for us to the city’s wonderful first responders; Fire, EMS, Police and others who ensure that our park visitors are as safe as possible. The city has two seats on our board and we report annually to Metro Council to engage them in oversight of the City’s land that we manage. 

Mayor Fisher, his predecessor Mayor Abramson, their administrations, and their successors, will be vital to the success of The Parklands.  If you have the opportunity, please say “Thank You” to someone on the Mayor’s team or on Metro Council.  They are a great partner and are working hard alongside The Parklands team to fill the community’s need for safe, clean, fun and beautiful park spaces in Louisville, thus striving for true quality of place for the city in which we live, work, and play! 

Click here to learn more about our partnership with Metro Louisville, and others. 

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