Canoeing & Paddling

Paddle along Floyds Fork, the only water trail of its kind in the Louisville area. Paddling access points are provided at various lengths along the Fork. Attached to this page is a map and description of routes so you can plan your trip. The below list shows all open paddling access points, from north to south (downstream):

  • North Beckley Paddling Access (500 Beckley Creek Parkway in North Beckley Creek Park, just past W.F. Miles Lakes)
  • Creekside Paddling Access (1440 Beckley Creek Parkway in Beckley Creek Park)
  • Fisherville Paddling Access (14520 Old Taylorsville Rd in Pope Lick Park)
  • Cane Run Paddling Access - RUSTIC (6500 Echo Trail in The Strand)
  • Seaton Valley Paddling Access - Turkey Run Park 
  • Broad Run Valley Paddling Access - Broad Run Park
  • Cliffside Paddling Access - Broad Run Park (This is the final take out within The Parklands)

When to Float

Floyds Fork is generally more fun to paddle when the Fisherville gauge shows that the water is flowing more than 35 cfs (cubic feet per second). Water levels on Floyds Fork change frequently so please check the USGS water table data before going out. The level is populated at the top of our web page as well as at the link below. 

Canoeing and kayaking can be dangerous. The Parklands of Floyds Fork does not maintain the water trail, so we ask that you please paddle at your own risk. This is a wild stream and not a theme park.  Always be aware of your surroundings, weather, and the water levels. Please click the PDF link below for more recommendations for a safe paddling experience. Paddling the Fork at 50 cfs is much more relaxed than paddling the Fork at 1,000+ cfs.

Click here for the American Whitewater guide to streams and water levels.

Here are a few notes on water levels to help you plan your trip on Floyds Fork:

0 - 14 cfs: Water levels are usually too low for enjoyable paddling. With cfs levels 0-14 you will experience more of a creek walk than paddle. 

15 - 499 cfs: Perfect for beginner and experienced paddlers, you will be able to paddle without having to drag your boat for long lengths of time. 

500 - 2,000 cfs: Intermediate to advanced paddlers will enjoy these water levels, but should be cautious over 1000 cfs. 

>2,000 cfs: Paddling is not recommended. Paddling accesses may be closed. 

The Kentucky Division of Water is required by the Clean Water Act to designate the use and set water quality standards to protect and manage streams. The primary use of Floyds Fork as determined by the Division of Water is for “Secondary Contact Recreation” allowing for activities such as fishing, wading and paddling. The Department of Kentucky Fish & Wildlife manages Floyds Fork as a public waterway and fishery and we offer access within The Parklands.  
We recommend that park visitors follow guidance issued by the Kentucky Division of Water through the Department of Environmental Protection for contact with Floyds Fork and other peer streams in Kentucky, be it the Green River or Elkhorn Creek. Click here to read advisories from the Division of Water. 


Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak of Kentucky offers Saturday and Sunday canoe and kayak rentals on Floyds Fork in The Parklands from April through October. Blue Moon offers customers their choice of solo and tandem boats as well as, full and half day prices to accommodate a short float along the Fork, or a day-long excursion. To reserve a boat, contact Blue Moon at (502) 753-9942 or by e-mail at

Blue Moon Website & Pricing Information

Guided tours are available to large groups. Please send an e-mail to to schedule a guided tour.

Parklands Member Discount

Parklands Members receive a 15% discount off kayak and canoe rentals. Learn more about becoming a Parklands member here.

Paddling Access - Beckley Creek Park

When the water level along the Floyds Fork is right, it is a great place for families and individuals to canoe and kayak. Beckley Creek Park has two paddling access points.

Paddling Access - Pope Lick Park

When the water level along the Floyds Fork is right, it is a great place for families and individuals to canoe and kayak. The FishervillePpaddling Access is located in Pope Lick Park.

Paddling Access - The Strand

When the water level along the Floyds Fork is right, it is a great place for families and individuals to canoe and kayak.

Paddling Access - Broad Run Park

When the water level along Floyds Fork is right, it is a great place for families and individuals to canoe, kayak and paddleboard.

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